Writing for Humans & Robots: The New Rules of Content Style

Your audience’s time and interest are in low supply. Connect with your reader faster while reducing energy wasted on edits.

Writing for a global internet audience presents many challenges. The most pressing is writing for both humans and search engine spider robots. Communicating with both involves a thoughtful strategy that doesn’t compromise either user’s needs.

It’s difficult to create content with consistent style and formatting without concrete rules to follow. Whether you’re a seasoned writer, new to the craft, or trying to get your team to follow a uniform approach—this book can serve as the foundation for building a coherent, on-brand reader experience. By setting actionable standards, you’ll improve the strength of your message and professional reputation to help achieve your business goals.

Founder and CEO of The Blogsmith content agency, Maddy Osman, wrote Writing for Humans and Robots as a modern-day homage to The Elements of Style for content creators. 

In this book, you’ll learn how to balance optimizing for search engines while appealing to human readers in terms of:

  • Intentionally choosing words.
  • Writing compelling titles and descriptive subheadings.
  • Formatting and improving readability for lists, links, images, and numbers.
  • Telling stories in content.
  • Customizing a brand style guide.

…and much more, with 22 chapters total.

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Writing for Humans and Robots The New Rules of Content Style

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About the Author:
Maddy Osman

Maddy Osman is a digital native with a decade-long devotion to creating engaging, accessible, and relevant content. After teaching herself web design at age 11, she found her true passion in content creation—learning the intricacies while transitioning from technical to creative SEO marketer. Maddy’s journey from freelance writer to founder and CEO of The Blogsmith yielded numerous insights to share about content creation for enterprise B2B technology brands. She believes in finding win-win situations for brands, readers, and robots—translated into actionable guidance throughout this book.

In Writing for Humans and Robots, Maddy gives a nod to editors and style mentors she’s worked with at brands like Automattic, HubSpot, Adobe, Wix, and Trello. After benefitting from their thoughtful feedback, she has assembled this comprehensive guide to writing for the web in an attempt to pay it forward and create better quality content that’s inclusive and accessible to readers.

Maddy has been recognized as one of BuzzSumo’s Top 100 Content Marketers and The Write Life’s 100 Best Websites for Writers. She has spoken for audiences at WordCamp US, SearchCon, and Denver Startup Week. When taking breaks from the digital world, Maddy enjoys cooking, reading, and exploring the world, but she is most content at home in Denver, Colorado, with her husband, Dan, and their pooch, Lola.