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Boost your brand’s credibility and drive revenue with authentic case studies that help you generate more leads and close bigger deals. The Blogsmith’s case study writing service has helped brands like Clearscope, Klaviyo, and Pagely establish a solid portfolio of impactful case studies.

Why Use a Case Study Writing Service

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Effective Interview Questions

To create an impactful case study, you need to ask the right questions. The Blogsmith’s case study team carefully prepares extensive research to prepare for each client interview, and we’re always ready with thoughtful follow-up questions that get to the root of your client’s success. Our team is experienced with crafting case studies and knows how and when to pivot an interview to uncover the most compelling story.

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Storytelling That Converts

A memorable narrative is essential for case studies that generate interest and nurture bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFU) leads. At The Blogsmith, our expert case study writers know how to combine customer insights with key metrics to craft a compelling story that highlights your clients’ successes and demonstrates your brand’s value.

Win-Win Assets

Our team of experts knows how to conduct interviews and craft sales assets that work for future and existing customers. Great case studies help you convert BOFU leads and reassure your current clients of the value they receive by working with you.

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Professional and Confidential

Case studies are an opportunity to strengthen the relationships you’ve built with your top-performing clients by highlighting the achievements of both parties. Professional case study writing services ensure that each client has a positive experience.

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On-Time Delivery

Case studies can be complex and time-consuming, leading to frustrating delays. Content agencies with extensive experience in conducting case studies know how to set realistic timelines and manage each project effectively so you receive the resulting high-quality customer stories on deadline.

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High-Quality Visuals

The right imagery can elevate your case studies by illustrating complex concept ideas and making an impact on your readers. Our design team is skilled at carefully following your brand’s visual guidelines to create a genuinely representative end product that draws attention to your strongest results.

What It's Like To Work on a Case Study With The Blogsmith

Not every content agency has the experience or tact required to conduct high-quality client interviews and deliver impactful case studies. Our team is trusted by top enterprise B2B brands like Cin7 and Hotjar to work directly with their clients and produce case studies that make everyone shine.

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Starting a Case Study

Meet with your Content Manager at The Blogsmith to align on the most important goals for the case study. We’ll create a timeline for client interviews and asset design to ensure your case study gets published in your ideal timeline.

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Interviewing for Insights

We can take case study calls off your plate or conduct them as a team if you’d like to be a part of the process. Our experienced B2B case study writers ensure every interaction with your clients is positive, professional, and thorough. We craft targeted questions to hone the true spirit of each case study and sharpen your brand’s message.

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Adding the Finishing Touches

Once interviews are conducted, we craft compelling and authentic case studies that highlight your brand’s impact. We can handle all aspects of the design, including on-brand illustrations and final PDF creation. If you prefer to create graphics in-house, we will share actionable guidance and ideas for your design team to execute.

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