Company Philosophy

The Blogsmith Guiding Principles

Our View on Content

The internet has more content than you could ever read in a lifetime, and a lot of it isn’t high quality. At The Blogsmith, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We’re committed to providing an excellent experience for human readers.


People turn to content when they want answers, and we’re dedicated to providing them with thoughtful, well-researched information that, in turn, allows our clients to build trust with their audiences. Through high-quality content that covers the full sales funnel, we help our clients reach their ideal target audience members at all stages, whether they’re searching for solutions or ready to buy.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on clear communication with our clients, and that starts at the beginning. We believe you should know whom you’re working with and what that relationship will look like.


That’s why we’ve taken the time to define our content values, how we operate, and what you can expect from us.

How We Work

We take pride in our outputs

We’re not a content mill. As a company, we strive for excellence and use a team approach to quality-check each project. You can trust that multiple experts have vetted each deliverable to ensure high quality from every angle.

We cultivate healthy work relationships

We create a collaborative environment between our clients and our team. We always aim to over-deliver, but we’re also upfront and honest with you about setting realistic timelines and goals.

We always compensate for work

We always pay our team for their time and input. As such, we work with our clients to clearly outline the scope of each project and provide transparency around the cost of each service.

We never stop learning

We believe that growth and curiosity keep work interesting. We love to learn about our clients’ industries and make sure we stay at the forefront of our own.

We give back to our community

We believe everyone can play a role in making the world a better place. As a company, we take an active role in giving back to our community by committing a portion of our profits as regular donations and sponsorships to causes near to our hearts.

We have fun

Whether for our clients or our own blog, we work hard to create thoughtful, informative, and visually appealing content that people connect with because we love what we do. We’re grateful to partner with brands that enable us to do the work that excites us every day.

What You Can Expect From Us

A member of your team

We love playing an active supporting role in helping your business succeed. As such, we make it our responsibility to meet your specific needs, help you expand your capabilities, and achieve tangible growth.

Respect for your time

We know your time is valuable and don’t believe in wasting it. You’re the expert on your brand, which means we value your input and make it our job to ensure you get something great in exchange for the time you spend with us. We want to help you get time back by taking content strategy and production off your plate.

Transparency and communication

Timely and honest communication is the foundation of our working relationships. We communicate early and often with our clients to ensure fast resolution and the best possible outcomes.

Meaningful commitment

We’re focused on providing value, not endless upselling. We believe in win-win relationships.  As such, we carefully craft each content piece and strategy suggestion to help your business grow.

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