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The Blogsmith Donation Tracker

Since April 2021, The Blogsmith has made this charitable commitment:


Every month, we’re donating at least $1000 to a cause that aligns with our values and that is doing something positive in the world.


Track our progress and learn more about the organizations we support in doing amazing things:

Amount: $1000

Asian Americans Advancing Justice donation

According to Asian Americans Advancing Justice, “Our mission is to advance civil and human rights for Asian Americans and to build and promote a fair and equitable society for all.”

Help increase The Blogsmith’s impact by donating to AAAJ.

May 2021: Project Boom

Amount: $1000

The Blogsmith donation to Project Boom

According to Project Boom, “Project Boom is a student-run 501(c)(3) nonprofit taking donated computers and providing them to students and families who need one.”

Help increase The Blogsmith’s impact by donating to Project Boom(monetary donations and computers both accepted!).

June 2021: Denver Arts and Cultural Institutions 

Amount: $1000

The Blogsmith’s founder, Maddy Osman always wanted to be a patron of the arts. These programs get cut first when schools struggle with funding and budget but are so important for celebrating humanity’s shared experience.

As a result, for this month, we’ve decided to donate in the form of supporting memberships to the following arts and cultural institutions in Maddy’s local community:

– Denver Botanical Gardens
– Denver Museum of Nature and Science
– Denver Art Museum
– Denver Contemporary Art Museum

The goal is to maintain support beyond this year to make a bigger impact, perhaps switching around the specific institutions we’re funding next year.

July 2021: Food Bank of the Rockies

Amount: $1000

Food Bank of the Rockies July 2021 Donation

Food Bank of the Rockies distributes food and necessities to people in need through signature programs across Colorado and Wyoming.

They have a customizable platform that lets your raise funds in different ways. Help The Blogsmith’s impact by donating to Food Bank of the Rockies.

August 2021: Wild Animals Sanctuary

Amount: $1000

Wild Animals Sanctuary Blogsmith Donation August

The Wild Animals Sanctuary shelter and rehabilitate more animals as well as provide them with large acreage natural habitats. According to them, The Wild Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Donate today and help The Blogsmith change the lives of animals.

September 2021: International Women’s Media Foundation

Amount: $1000

International Womens Media Foundation

International Women’s Media Foundation helps women journalists who deliver the world’s news and recognize their critical roles. Through their grants and programs, they empower, protect, provide training and opportunities for them.

Help The Blogsmith to unleash the potential of women journalists by donating to IWMF.

October 2021: Innocence Project

Amount: $1000

Innocence Project The Blogsmith Donation Oct 2021

The Innocence Project has a mission to free innocent people who remain incarcerated, supporting them through DNA testing and advocate for reforms that will prevent future injustices.

Support The Blogsmith to combat wrongful convictions by donating to the Innocence Project today.

Total Impact in 2021: $7000