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Since April 2021, The Blogsmith has made this charitable commitment:

Every month, we’re donating at least $1000 to a cause that aligns with our values and that is doing something positive in the world.


Track our progress and learn more about the organizations we support in doing amazing things:

Total Impact in 2021-2022: $20,040

Total Impact in 2022: $11,040

Total Impact in 2021: $9,000

Every Month


Kiva Logo
Kiva is a 501(c)3 nonprofit founded in San Francisco that provides financial access to underserved communities across the globe. Through crowdfunding, they create a sustainable fund to assist borrowers and their families with loans.


Unbound is an international nonprofit organization that supports children, youth, seniors and their families through personal attention and direct benefits. Founded by lay Catholics, Unbound is committed to putting opportunity and encouragement for disadvantaged families.

Total Impact in 2022: $11,040

December 2022

Amount: $1,000

The Acceleration Project, Inc. is a non-profit organization that has a mission to help under-resourced small businesses, particularly those owned by women and People of Color, to scale their business through strategic planning programs, as well as financial, operational, and marketing support.

Donate now to support The Blogsmith in deploying more professionals to support under-resourced small business owners.

The Acceleration Project The Blogsmith Donation

November 2022

Amount: $200

October 2022

Amount: $350

September 2022

Amount: $1,200

August 2022

Amount: $1,000

Family Reach is a nonproft organization that helps families with cancer patients through financial services. Their Financial Treatment Program that has a mission to relieve the financial stress from families by supporting them with the non-medical costs of cancer.

Family Reach The Blogsmith Donation Aug 2022

Help us support more families surpass the financial side effects of cancer. Donate here.

July 2022

Amount: $1,100

The Innocence Project has a mission to free innocent people who remain incarcerated, supporting them through DNA testing and advocate for reforms that will prevent future injustices.

Support The Blogsmith to combat wrongful convictions by donating to the Innocence Project today.

June 2022

Amount: $1,000

Black Girls Code mission is to train 1 million girls by 2040 to help them become leaders in tech. Their workshops help black girls from underrepresented communities to provide them tools they need to learn computer programming skills .


Make a donation today and help young women of color find their place in tech.

May 2022

Amount: $990

April 2022

Amount: $1,000

Our contributions for April benefits various causes that are important to the influencers who provided testimonials for The Blogsmith.

March 2022: United Help Ukraine

Amount: $1000

United Help Ukraine The Blogsmith Donation

United Help Ukraine, Inc. is a volunteer-driven non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting Ukraine on the front lines of defense against Russian invasion. They organize fundraising events to help families of those injured or killed, refugees, in need of temporary assistance, and to raise awareness about the war.


Their projects are focused on providing medical supplies and humanitarian aid to families of fallen heroes.

Donate today to support Ukrainians fight for their freedom and independence.

February 2022

Total: $1,100

American Library Association

Amount: $1000

The Blogsmith February Donation

Being part of the book reader community, The Blogsmith’s February donation is for American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) Banned Books Week.

As books are continued to be banned and challenged, the organization advocates confidential support to anyone undergoing a challenge or ban in communities across the country.

Help The Blogsmith stand up for reading rights by donating today

The Kirstie Ennis Foundation

Amount: $100

The Kirstie Ennis Foundation Fundraiser

Contributed to Cody Sowa’s birthday fundraiser for The Kirstie Ennis Foundation. The said foundation runs recreational rehabilitation clinics for disabled women and minority groups all around the world. Their mission is to give opportunity for people to obtain mobility equipment and to experience rehabilitation outdoors. 

Become a supporter and learn more about the foundation here.

January 2022

Total: $1,250

Amount: $1000

The Community First Foundation

The first month of 2022 donation was for’s fundraising campaign for The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County.

This fundraiser supports the Boulder County Wildfire Fund, which is intended to help the community affected by fires last December 30th, 2021.

Get more information about ColoradoGives’ nonprofit partners or donate today to help The Blogsmith support some people who have lost their homes.

Mary’s Off The Street Club Fundraiser 2022

Amount: $250

Off The Street Club Donation

Contributed to Mary Spahr’s yearly charitable fundraiser for Off the Street Club (OTSC), a Chicago non-profit organization that serves children (ages 4 to 18) each year to keep them safe from the violence of West Garfield Park in Chicago.

The proceeds will be donated to the Club’s “Save our Summer” (S.O.S.) Program, which will help to fund the kids’ summer camp at Camp Mathieu. Its goal is to send 1,000 deserving kids on a memorable summer trip to spend their vacations safe and free of gang violence.

Total Impact in 2021: $9,000

December 2021: Advancement for Rural Kids, Inc.

Amount: $1000

Advancement for Rural Kids, Inc. Donation

The Blogsmith donated funds for emergency relief efforts to ARK’s (Advancement for Rural Kids, Inc.) Feed Back Program. Their mission is to secure families in the Philippines that have been badly affected by the Typhoon Odette (Rai).

The organization assists their partner communities in providing emergency food. This is to accommodate thousands of families in rural areas affected by the storm, who have yet to receive government assistance.

Help The Blogsmith support the rural communities in the Philippines with a donation today.

November 2021: Malala Fund

Amount: $1000

Malala Fund The Blogsmith Donation November 2021

Malala Fund supports every out of school women around the world to have a free, safe, and quality education. They invest in developing country educators in regions where the most women miss out on secondary education including Afghanistan, Nigeria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Turkey, India, and Brazil.

Support every women’s right to learn and be heard through fundraising or making an online donation today.

October 2021: Innocence Project

Amount: $1000

Innocence Project The Blogsmith Donation Oct 2021

The Innocence Project has a mission to free innocent people who remain incarcerated, supporting them through DNA testing and advocate for reforms that will prevent future injustices.

Support The Blogsmith to combat wrongful convictions by donating to the Innocence Project today.

September 2021: International Women’s Media Foundation

Amount: $1000

International Womens Media Foundation

International Women’s Media Foundation helps women journalists who deliver the world’s news and recognize their critical roles. Through their grants and programs, they empower, protect, provide training and opportunities for them.

Support every women’s right to learn and be heard through fundraising or making an online donation today.

August 2021: Wild Animals Sanctuary

Amount: $1000

Wild Animals Sanctuary Blogsmith Donation August

The Wild Animals Sanctuary shelter and rehabilitate more animals as well as provide them with large acreage natural habitats. According to them, The Wild Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Donate today and help The Blogsmith change the lives of animals.

July 2021: Food Bank of the Rockies

Amount: $1000

Food Bank of the Rockies July 2021 Donation

Food Bank of the Rockies distributes food and necessities to people in need through signature programs across Colorado and Wyoming.

They have a customizable platform that lets your raise funds in different ways. Help The Blogsmith’s impact by donating to Food Bank of the Rockies.

Help The Blogsmith’s impact by donating to Food Bank of the Rockies.

June 2021

Total: $1,000

The Blogsmith’s founder, Maddy Osman always wanted to be a patron of the arts. These programs get cut first when schools struggle with funding and budget but are so important for celebrating humanity’s shared experience.

As a result, for this month, we’ve decided to donate in the form of supporting memberships to the following arts and cultural institutions in Maddy’s local community:

– Denver Botanical Gardens
– Denver Museum of Nature and Science
– Denver Art Museum
– Denver Contemporary Art Museum

The goal is to maintain support beyond this year to make a bigger impact, perhaps switching around the specific institutions we’re funding next year.

May 2021: Project Boom

Amount: $1000

The Blogsmith donation to Project Boom

According to Project Boom, “Project Boom is a student-run 501(c)(3) nonprofit taking donated computers and providing them to students and families who need one.”

Help increase The Blogsmith’s impact by donating to Project Boom(monetary donations and computers both accepted!).

April 2021: Asian Americans Advancing Justice

Amount: $1000

Asian Americans Advancing Justice donation

According to Asian Americans Advancing Justice, “Our mission is to advance civil and human rights for Asian Americans and to build and promote a fair and equitable society for all.”

Help increase The Blogsmith’s impact by donating to AAAJ.