Account Manager for The Blogsmith

Freelance B2B Technology Account Manager

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Account Manager

The Blogsmith needs help with account management tasks.  We have a project manager who stays on top of day-to-day assignments with our internal team. We’re looking to hire help to own client relationships and communications by working with our project manager and team members who work close to client projects.


We’re looking for someone who’s available every day from Monday – Friday to execute planned tasks and other tasks as they come up.


In this role, you’ll be expected to:

For the most part, you can work whenever is most convenient for you, with a few stipulations:

Previous experience in a client-facing account management role desired. You’ll jump to the top of our list if you also have marketing agency experience.

Why The Account Manager Role Matters for The Blogsmith

The Blogsmith helps B2B technology companies connect with their target audience via search.


Our core offering:


Relevant, high-quality content that matches the technical use of SEO keywords with the fulfillment of expectations based on the assumptions behind search intent.


You’ll be helping us to keep our agency running efficiently, helping maintain client relationships in a way that adds value to our core offering.

Here’s the bottom line:


We don’t just want to create content for content’s sake — we explore topics with a unique stance so that we’re providing a unique benefit (compared to similar content) for anyone who reads the work we produce.

Soft Skill + Availability Requirements

Benefits and Compensation

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