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The Blogsmith is an SEO content marketing agency that works primarily with B2B Tech brands. We focus on doing one thing really well — creating content that ranks well in relevant search to reach our clients’ target audiences. Maddy Osman founded the company, first running it as a freelance writing business. Today, The Blogsmith is a team working together to create truly great content that serves business needs while providing value to readers.
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Why the Team Matters to The Blogsmith

Regardless of your specific role, you’ll be helping contribute to the creation of high-quality content that matches the technical use of SEO keywords with the fulfillment of expectations based on the assumptions behind search intent. Understanding search intent involves asking why someone used a certain keyword phrase and predicting what they’d expect to find when clicking through on a relevant search result.


We don’t just want to create content for content’s sake — we explore topics with a unique stance so that we’re providing a unique benefit (compared to similar content) for anyone who reads the work we produce.


The entire team helps to find the balance between incorporating SEO requirements while ultimately focusing on the needs of the human reader over search spiders. After all, it’s the human reader who will ultimately help us achieve conversion-related business goals.

Meet the Team

Founder, SEO Content Strategist

Maddy is the founder of The Blogsmith and shapes our content writing style, process, and strategy.


Ren is a freelance editor (and sometimes writer) for the Blogsmith. She is also a playwright and Artistic Director for Audacious Theatre, based in Denver, CO.

SEO Content Writer

Stephen is a freelance writer who contributes to the Blogsmith and a variety of other agencies.

SEO Content & Social Media

Alli Cundiff is a freelance writer for the Blogsmith and a social media maven for the hospitality industry.

SEO Content

Amanda Moutinho is an award-winning journalist passionate about sharing information to help people and businesses reach their full potential.

SEO Content

Jasmine Leechuy is a professional marketer and content creator helping business create meaningful connections and long-term growth.

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We're hiring!

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