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A Website UX Audit From a Web Developer's Perspective

Content writing aside, one of my most popular offerings is a full-service UX audit, with follow up tasks that you can send directly to your web developer.

Here’s what you need to know:

UX Audits: What to Expect Working with Me

I’ve been designing websites since age 11. I speak the same language as the web devs who can make the changes I’m suggesting. I’m a WordPress expert published by Kinsta, WPMU DEV, GoDaddy, and even Automattic (the company behind WordPress).

As a digital native, it’s easy for me to communicate points of friction on a website that may be negatively impacting conversions. I won’t sugarcoat issues, but I’ll clearly explain the impact a certain design element or formatting style can have on earning trust.

I ask the following questions to start an order:​

What's the URL of your website/app?

Feel free to send this ahead of an order for me to check out, if you’d like!

Are there any major problems that you want me to keep in mind throughout the process?

Can you briefly describe your target customer so that I can keep their perspective in focus?

What important goals are you hoping that this page/these pages will achieve?

Examples: My Weekly Facebook Live UX Audits

Every week, on Wednesdays at 12pm MST, I audit a website, physical product, or process.

Interested in being featured? Get in touch and tell me about your website (or other relevant entity) and what you’re trying to accomplish with it.

I share recordings from each audit on my Youtube channel. Here’s a past recording from one of my client UX audits:

Don't Just Take it From Me...

Clients love my UX audit services

Maddy did a great job with this UX audit. She was easy to work with, and the deliverables were clear and actionable. Will definitely be sending more audits her way!
fiverr ux audit testimonial 2
Nick Footer
President, Intuitive Digital
The provider delivered an excellent report in the format of a video with ample comments on the UI and UX of the homepage of our website. The suggestions were backed by insightful information, from the point of view of the user we described. Fast communication and turnaround - very much recommended.
Fiverr user

My UX Audit Pricing


One Page
$ 50
  • Audit one page of your website
  • Screenrecording walkthrough video
  • 10+ minutes screen recording time


5 Pages
$ 200
  • Audit five pages of your website
  • Screen recording walkthrough video
  • 10+ minutes screen recording time


10 website pages + annotated report
$ 600
  • Audit ten page of your website
  • Video walkthrough, 15+ minutes screen recording time
  • Annotated screenshots report with web design action steps

Get in Touch with Maddy Osman about UX Audits

Want to be featured on my Facebook Live UX Audit next? Are you interested in an in-depth screen recording and report with actionable next steps? Get in touch to let me know how I can help.

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Read Some Published Examples​

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