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The WordPress Community

I’m very involved in the WordPress community: both online and offline.

The reason?

It’s really been the driver behind my ability and confidence to build my own successful online business—it’s even one of the services I offer. I owe a lot to WordPress, so I’m really happy to have found my happy place in the WordPress community.

Popular WordPress Blogs I Write For:

The WordPress Community: Offline

Offline, I get involved with the WordPress community by attending and speaking at WordCamp events. I helped organize WordCamp Denver once and have confirmed my involvement again this year (2018)! Previously, I’ve also spoken at WordCamp Chicago.

The WordPress Community: Online

My specialty is SEO content for blogs and websites. Although this has spanned a wide range of topic areas (from carpet cleaning to SaaS software tools and everything in between), in 2017, I wrote primarily about WordPress topics for popular WordPress blogs.

Popular WordPress Blogs to Follow

Feedspot put together a list of the most popular WordPress blogs to follow, based on a mix of their Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and the website’s Alexa rank.

Going through the list, I noticed that I had a connection as a writer or contributor for many of them—including a regular gig with #2 on the list—WPMU DEV!

Here’s how my relationships with these popular WordPress blogs to follow all sorts out:

  • I write consistently for #2 (WPMU DEV) and my articles are frequently referenced in their content roundup email newsletters (this one features three of them!).
  • I wrote a guest post for #6 (Torque).
  • I’ve featured #13 (WP Newsify) in expert roundups and Peter Nilsson has likewise featured me in expert roundups that he’s created.
  • I recently started writing mega guides for #19 (Kinsta).
  • #21 (Code in WP) has featured articles I’ve written in their content roundups almost every month (check out my Pinterest article featured in February 2018).
  • I gave a live webinar for #23 (iThemes) after Nathan Ingram came to WordCamp Denver and wanted me to reshare my “How to Write A Kick-Ass Blog Post that Drives Traffic, Gets Shares, and Accomplishes Business Goals” WordCamp talk.
  • I’m an affiliate and customer of #33 (TeslaThemes).
  • #38 (WP Buffs) reached out to me for blog content creation. Since then, I’ve written one post and am working on my next!
  • #43 is WordPress.tv and I have a WordCamp talk recording available here from WordCamp Denver! I also spoke at a past WordCamp Chicago event but recordings aren’t looking likely to be uploaded at this point. I teach my WordCamp Denver class on Skillshare, which has been featured multiple times!
  • #31 (Pagely) is one of my favorite clients—they let me explore a wide variety of WordPress topics in my writing (like what it’s like to organize a WordCamp event) and have been known to recommend me to other WordPress professionals on Twitter!

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