35 Home Office Desk Ideas: Girl Power Edition

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By: Maddy Osman

Updated 6/27/18.

This article about home office desk ideas contains affiliate links, which means I make a little pocket change if you end up purchasing the items I’m linking to. For almost every product recommendation listed, I either own the exact item or a close variation of it. I speak from my own experiences to provide you with the most authentic recommendations!

It wasn’t until recently that I’ve started to seriously think about my desk and how it impacts my work day.

This probably has something to do with the fact that when I first started freelancing full-time, I was working from my old college futon! And more often than not, I would find myself working from the couch or the kitchen table—not exactly the most ideal ergonomics!

In fact, it wasn’t until I moved to Denver about a year and a half ago that I even bothered with a desk. Like the aforementioned futon, it’s a holdout from my college days—an Ikea corner desk.

In the future, I visualize a house and a home office room all to myself. But today, I Iive in a two-bedroom apartment with a boyfriend who also works from home. Since he tends to take more calls during the day, I didn’t fight him for dominion over the office space in the otherwise empty (until we have guests) second bedroom.

But even though my home office isn’t exactly where I’d like it to be, I definitely try to make the most of it.

WP Newsify recently interviewed myself and a number of popular WordPress community members and here’s what my desk looked like at the time:

You’ll be happy to know that it has gone through a bit of an upgrade since then, including a fancy new monitor!

But yeah, it’s still messy.

Whether you have a desk or even a whole office to yourself, these home office desk ideas will add a little girl power, organization, and fun to what may be an otherwise boring workday.

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Desk Ornaments

In its current state, does your desk have any qualities that help to distinguish it as, yours? These home office desk ideas are all about girl power decorating flair.

#1: Fancy B*tch Pens

Amazon, $9.99

I think I originally saw these on some type of Buzzfeed Amazon product roundup post. They were just so extra that I knew I must have them—kind of like how I insisted that I must wear a mini tiara at prom years ago.

These crown-topped rose gold pens each come in individual boxes, which means that you can totally regift the 1-2 you’re not in love with (because who really needs three crown pens?).

#2: A Girl Power Desk Quote

I have a few on my desk:

I got one as a gift and found another at a local consignment store.

If you want to make your own:

Amazon, $6.95

Use something like this Ikea frame two-pack to show off your favorite print out girl power quotes. If you don’t have any favorites, you can seek out some #inspo on Pinterest.

#3: A Relevant Desk Ornament

Target, $9.99

My business is all about digital, especially in terms of communications, so the hashtag seems like an appropriate desk ornament—especially if I want to spice up the backdrop for any upcoming personal video marketing efforts.

I also have this sweet thumbs up “like” light, also from Target:

This picture is also a reminder to display hard-won certifications, degrees, and so on. You go, girl!

#4: A Political Statement

Amazon, $14.97

It’s not exactly a secret that I’m not happy with the current state of affairs.

If you think that American politics currently leave something to be desired, consider something like this Dump-A-Trump Pen Holder (thanks for gifting me this, Ron!)—just one example of a fun political desk tchotchke.

Aren’t you glad you don’t work in an office setting anymore? There’s so much more room for self-expression outside of corporate bureaucracy.

And if you lean wayyy to the left, you’ll really love Raygun’s various politically-charged goodies.

#5: A Nice Journal or Notebook

Amazon, $15.39

Although most of my journals come from swag bags at networking events, if I was ever in need, this is the one I’d buy. In fact, I have—I use this Moleskine grid journal for whenever I have to bust out my design skills.

Dealing with Technology

The following home office desk ideas focus on how to make technology work for you (especially if you like Apple products).

#6: Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Amazon, $18.99

These are a new thing for me. I’ve been getting headaches more frequently as of late and I’m sure it has something to do with how much time I spend in front of screens on a daily basis—it’s inevitable when you work from home or run an online business.

Since using them, I’ve definitely noticed a difference. If you feel headachy in tandem with working on your computer, they’re definitely worth a try.

#7: USB Charging Station

Amazon, $19.99

So I actually have a bamboo version of this that comes with an Apple Watch stand.

I’m recommending the above-pictured product (my boyfriend is currently making use of our’s) because it includes the multi-USB charging piece—which doesn’t come built-in with all charging stations.

This particular model can hold and charge a lot of devices at once!

#8: MacBook Keyboard Cover

Amazon, $6.49

I’m an Apple product junkie so it’s worth recommending some of my favorite accessories, especially as they relate to the topic of home office desk ideas.

For all the time I spend with my laptop, it’s necessary to protect the keys. This is the keyboard cover I keep coming back to—it’s easy to make out the keys in the dark, compared to some keyboard covers that obscure the small details when the lights go off (even though MacBooks have lighted keys).

Note that if you type as much as I do (writer problems), you’ll go through these fast. Luckily, they’re super affordable.

#9: Zagg iPad Keyboard Case

Amazon, $55.50

I have a MacBook Air but somehow that’s even too heavy for me to carry around sometimes. Conversely, I don’t even have to think about bringing my iPad with me when I’m out—and I’d be a lot less heartbroken if it were somehow lost or stolen! Because of all of these things, I asked for this keyboard case for Christmas.

It’s really easy to adjust to the smaller keyboard size—it’s not much off from the standard option. The battery life is seriously incredible (2+ years!) and it also doubles as a durable iPad case, in general.

To me, this iPad keyboard case allows me to capture and expand on ideas as I get them away from home. In some cases, I use it to create a very functional first draft of an article for myself or a client.

#10: Digital Photo Frame

Amazon, $49.99

I don’t have this exact model, so I chose an Amazon recommendation to represent it on this list. Really, I got my own digital photo frame on Black Friday at Walmart for like $10. It’s shitty but it doesn’t really matter because it was $10.

Anyway, in this discussion of home office desk ideas that pack a girl power punch, I think digital photo frames are a great way to remind you of the things that are important to you. The things that keep you going and push you to work hard.

Mine cycles through pictures from my international trips. Don’t forget to grab a memory card, too—most digital photo frames don’t come with them.

#11: Blue Yeti Microphone & #12: Pop Filter

Amazon, $149.99

Being a guest on podcasts and creating Skillshare online courses pushed me to buy this fancy USB microphone. The recorded sound quality really is worth it—better to splurge as soon as you realize that you’ll have a need to record your voice in some way to promote your business (instead of buying something shitty that you’ll only have to replace later on).

Don’t forget to order a pop filter to ensure that your voice records crystal clear.

I have this one, which is a cool $8.69 on Amazon:

#13: Selfie Ring Light

Amazon, $19.99

When you invest in better audio equipment, you may also want to think about investing in better recording equipment, in general. As proper lighting is so essential to photography and videography, make sure to record your best light with a ring light.

This selfie ring light is super affordable and easy to adjust if it’s just you doing all of the work without someone else to press record or hold the camera.

#14: Bluetooth Headphones

Amazon, $39.99

These are seriously the best Bluetooth headphones on the market.

You can throw ‘em in a bag and they’re flexible enough to bend—not break. Fasten them in place if you bring ‘em to the gym for sit-ups or let them hang loose on your neck.

More so than at my desk, I like to pop on these bad boys while working out, doing errands, or walking around in downtown Denver. The battery life is long enough that you don’t have to charge them after every use.

Organize Your Office (& Business)

If you feel strongly with regards to the negative energy suggested by a “disorganized home, disorganized mind”, then these home office desk ideas will help put you in a better headspace.

#15: Pineapple Pen Holder

Amazon, $15

The way your pens complete the look of this pineapple pen holder is probably a sign that you need it in your life. And if you have more stuff to organize on your home office desk, consider these equally cute trinket trays.


#16: To Do Pad

Amazon, $5.34

I use a number of project management tools to keep track of assignments and due dates but I love the tactile sensation of crossing off to-do list items with a pen in my hand.

Yes, this is the exact work to do list I employ in my own home office. It helps me understand, at a glance, the day’s top priorities—and what I should start thinking about for the upcoming week!

#17: Pink Desk Organizer

Amazon, $14.99

Throughout the year, I use this to organize receipts, business cards, and other important documents. As soon as taxes are filed, I go through it and file everything so that I can start the year anew—and keep documents together in one place. I just love that it’s bright and loud.

#18: Dry Erase Board: Monthly Calendar

Amazon, $14.11

I have a dry erase monthly calendar just like this. It helps me understand which weeks I’ll have a lot of time at home to knock out projects and which I should go lighter on because of holidays or conferences. Just wipe it off each month and start over again with the new month’s upcoming events.

#19: Dry Erase Board: Weekly Calendar

Amazon, $9.99

I also have one of these. It may seem like overkill since I have a written weekly to do list pad but I like using it to also call out non-work happenings that are coming up in the week. Really, I just like having enough room to write out everything I need to be aware of.

#20: Bookcase Organizer

Amazon, $29.99

I don’t own this yet but I want it when I get a bigger desk! It’s the perfect way to show off or store favorite books—and succulents. Or whatever floats your boat.

#21: Cork Board Bulletin Board

Amazon, $25

These are perfect for pinning up fun snail mail correspondence with clients and brands I love.

It’s also a great intake system for business cards I need to follow up on, as well as receipts I need to categorize and scan. I gave my boyfriend the other half (2) of this 4-pack—I think two of these is more than enough for one person.

If the above is currently unavailable, here’s a great alternative product.

Fun Books to Keep At Your Desk

A girl power home office isn’t complete without a bookshelf or two of helpful and inspiring books. Here are a few that have been sitting next to my desk, recently:

#22: Your Ad Ignored Here

Amazon, $18.27

If you’re looking for a dash of creative inspiration, or even just a giggle, this short-but-sweet book of marketing cartoons (from the famous Marketoonist, Tom Fishburne) should be kept within arm’s reach.

#23: In the Company of Women

Amazon, $24.48

Has there ever been another book so filled with examples of Girl Boss awesomeness? I don’t think so. This one is currently sitting next to my desk just begging for me to dig in and learn from inspiring ladies around the world.

#24: Writer’s Market & #25: The Freelancer’s Bible

Amazon, $21.09

Because I write, and many of my followers likewise do so, it seems fair to focus on this specialized type of business book with regards to my list of home office desk ideas. It’s like a handbook for all things freelance writing—updated every year with the latest and greatest information. No matter your hustle, it helps to keep a relevant business bible nearby.

If you’re not a freelance writer, here’s a more generic work from home “business bible” that I recommend: The Freelancers Bible. Freelancers Union founder Sara Horowitz wrote it! 

Comfort Drinks

It’s hard to settle into the flow of the day without a caffeinated beverage at hand. Also, since I live in Denver, I have to constantly remind myself to stay hydrated—these home office desk ideas really help!

#26: Fun Tea Steepers

Amazon, $36.90 (plus shipping)

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I have probably 10 different tea steepers with punny names and cute shapes (Deep Tea DiverManateaMr. Tea, and so on).

I like this set because you get a bunch to choose from each day—or to regift individually as you please.

#27: A Fake Yeti Insulated Tumbler

Amazon, $7.99

Yetis are expensive. I have this exact knock off and it heats and chills my beverages for many hours (even overnight!).

#28: Your Favorite Beverages, in Bulk

Amazon, $23.88

I’m more of a tea drinker than a coffee drinker but when I need a little extra energy, I swear by High Brew’s cold brew coffee—especially the Dark Chocolate Mocha flavor. Order from Amazon to avoid having to schlep a case from the store. As a bonus, you’ll have a large and easily accessible supply whenever you need a pick me up!

I’ve also purchased Honest Tea in bulk from Amazon to keep around—this variety pack is a pantry staple in my apartment.

Home Office Desk Ideas: Odds & Ends

For everything that doesn’t fit neatly into the other aforementioned home office desk ideas categories—I give you my favorite odds and ends.

#29: iPhone-Powered Fan

Amazon, $4.99

Ok, I know this is a bit of a stretch in terms of the topic but hear me out.

I was initially introduced to the concept of a fan running off the battery power of your phone during a recent trip to Florida. I was shopping around in a cutesy souvenir shop and knew I needed to have it.

So whether you need a breath of fresh air at your desk or while enjoying time outside of work at a festival, keep this closeby!

#30: Himalayan Salt Lamps

Amazon, $22.99

Himalayan salt lamps are all the rage and I really love this take on them.

I have one near my desk and one in my room to turn on when it gets dark and I want just a little bit of light. They’re really great for getting into zen mode—perfect if you have an office you can shut yourself into and meditate or do some yoga during a stressful day.

#31: Blue Q Socks: Girl Power!

Amazon, $9.99

So these are totally a stretch on the topic of girl power home office desk ideas but I just bought them as part of what I’m calling my “girl power sock collection”.

The other Blue Q Socks I purchased as part of my collection include this “I hate everyone too” girl and her horse and these “It’s a beautiful day, don’t f*ck it up” socks.

Pro tip: Factoring in Prime shipping, it’s cheaper to buy these socks from Amazon than from the Blue Q brand, itself.

#32: Chapstick & #33: Lotion

Perhaps it’s because I live in Denver but it’s practically a requirement to have lotion and chapstick within arm’s reach at any time. Without it, I become a scaly lizard person.

This Chapstick lip balm (starts at $2.09) is my favorite: I have three of them (one offers tinted color):

And this Skinfix Hand Cream ($15.29) is thick and rich enough to fix my hands when they start to get super eczema-y:

They also make a really nice lip repair balm ($4.99).

#34: A Ready Supply of Business Cards

Keep some self-promotional materials at your desk so that whenever you’re rushing out the door, you can resupply without digging. And if you don’t have business cards—get some!

I designed mine for free on Canva, then ordered the prints on Vistaprint. They offer a deal of 500 basic business cards for $9.99 (doesn’t include shipping).

#35: Exercise Ball

Amazon, $17

Finally, your desk shouldn’t be something that works against you. Sitting for too long can be detrimental to your health (or so I’m being lead to believe by frequent reminders to stand via my Apple Watch).

I’ve had this particular exercise ball since I worked at Groupon, years ago. It’s the perfect size for bouncing around, stabilizing your core, while getting work done. Grab your own so that you can alternate between this and your stiff office chair.

While you’re at it, get in a few sit-ups when the spirit strikes!

Final Thoughts: 35 Home Office Desk Ideas: Girl Power Edition

In some cases, these home office desk ideas may not be enough to get you out of a rut.

If that happens, sometimes a change of scenery may be necessary. Get out of your home office with a flexible subscription to Deskpass—which offers access to 175+ coworking spaces in Denver, Chicago, LA, Austin, and San Francisco.

Armed with the right tools, no one can get in the way of your success. Go out there and show them what you can do, Girl Boss.

What would you add to this list of girl power home office desk ideas? I need some future Christmas gift ideas!


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