How To Serve Customers Better: A 5-Step Action Plan for Better Customer Experience

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By: Salini Vineeth

Every business owner knows that happy customers are their biggest asset. For that reason, they constantly think about how to serve customers better.

As an entrepreneur, providing a stellar customer experience should be your top priority. But serving customers requires constant effort, and it can be challenging, especially if you offer products and services to other businesses. 

After all, assessing the interests and priorities of consumers tends to be more straightforward than determining the needs and wants of businesses.

But what does that mean for companies with a business-to-business (B2B) model?

While it’s true businesses and consumers have different priorities, delivering an excellent customer experience is crucial for long-term success in both cases. With that in mind, how can you make your B2B clients happy?

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Serving Customers Better: 5 Steps You Can Take To Improve Customer Service

To serve your customers better, you need to treat your B2B clients as individuals. Just like people, businesses also have a history, values, and a mission. They also need your support and recognition.

Here are the steps you can take to appeal to a business’ human traits and improve customer experience:

Understand Your B2B Customers

You should be well-versed with your customer’s business domain. Understanding their buyer personas and industry trends will help you serve your customers better. But, do you know what your B2B clients genuinely care for?

To figure out how to serve customers better, you need to understand their customer journey fully. Learning how they came to know your business or what prompted them to become your clients serves as a solid foundation for a successful business relationship.

Moreover, you should inquire about their story, mission, and vision. The goal should be to have answers to questions similar to the following:

Undoubtedly, serving customers becomes easier if you know them inside out.

Not only will this practice help you predict your customer’s requirements, but it will also enable you to understand the kind of gifts and rewards they appreciate. There’s simply no better way to tell your customers that you care for them beyond business transactions.

Support Your Customers

Your job isn’t done when you close a sale. You need to think of how to serve customers better so that you’ll enable their growth.

Here are a few great examples of how you can help your client’s business flourish.

Reward and Recognize Your Customers

A study by Walker shows that great experience is a primary consideration, above price and product, for B2B clients. Reward and recognition are indispensable when you consider how to serve customers better, but you need to add a personal touch to them.

B2B clients won’t be easily impressed by standard corporate gifts. You need to send them well-thought-out gifts that resonate with their values.

Also, show your clients how much you care by wishing them well on their special days, like company anniversaries. Don’t forget to congratulate them when they launch new products or achieve milestones. Consider sending custom-made greeting cards that will add warmth to your messages.

You also need to remember and thank your clients when you achieve a milestone. Show them how important their support is to you. Personalized thank-you notes are a great way to do it.

Engage Customers To Improve Their Experience

If there’s one thing that sets the ground for a splendid business relationship, it’s keeping the communication open with customers.

There are many ways to keep engagement at an all-time high when serving customers:

Make Your B2B Client a Part of Your Inner Circle

Making your customers feel special is an excellent way of serving them. You need to make your most loyal customers a part of your ‘inner circle.’ Invite them to special occasions like year-end parties.

In addition, create a community for your most trusted customers. Conduct seminars and open houses where your customers can meet and greet. Provide them a forum to interact with each other to create a sense of community among your clients.

Giving early access to your products and services is an excellent way of serving customers better. Let them pilot your products. That will also help you get valuable feedback.

Benefits of Making Your Customers Happy

Now that we have seen how to serve customers better, let’s see how it will benefit you.

It’s always better to nurture your existing customers than to find new clients. Caring for your loyal customers has more far-reaching effects than just profits.

For instance, happy, long-term clients can significantly reduce your marketing costs. They help you via word-of-mouth marketing and might bring in more business than your other marketing efforts.

If your clients have a solid social media presence, their testimonials will help you reach enormous volumes of prospective customers. On that note, make it easy for your clients to write testimonials.

Happy clients are the biggest validation for your brand. When you make efforts to serve customers in the best ways possible, they will return the favor.

They might refer you to their peers or give you stellar reviews, bringing in more business. It also dramatically improves your reputation as a service provider.

Serving your customers well also improves your brand value and provides you a lot of satisfaction as a business owner.

Final Thoughts: How To Serve Customers Better: A Five-Step Action Plan

Happy customers are the biggest asset of any business. You need a different and nuanced approach towards serving B2B clients.

In addition to stellar service and products, you also need to concentrate on their customer experience. Simply providing rewards or discounts may not be sufficient.

You need to understand your customer — their journey, values, mission, and challenges. You should create an ecosystem for your loyal customers based on trust.

Providing your clients with content relevant to your services is just as important as any other part of that ecosystem. That’s why here, at The Blogsmith, we strive to offer you the high-quality, reliable content you need to gain new prospects and retain existing clientele.

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Salini Vineeth

Salini Vineeth

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