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By: Maddy Osman

Please note: this article contains affiliate links for important tools in The Blogsmith’s workflow.

Even if you do everything necessary to optimize blog content to be found in relevant search, your blog content promotion checklist isn’t complete when you hit “publish.” After all the work you put into creating great SEO content, you owe it to yourself to do everything in your power to promote it to the various places your audience hangs out.

One way to do that is by creating a mechanism for promoting your content on social media. There’s only so much you can do on your own owned media channels unless you have a large ad budget.

But… what if I told you that you could pay a reasonable monthly fee to promote unlimited content assets as organic social media posts on other accounts?

What is Quuu Promote?

Quuu Promote is an organic content promotion distribution platform that connects content creators to content sharers within the same industry. Paid subscribers can submit content for other accounts to share, across 500+ interest categories.  

Quuu Promote provides data about the accounts sharing your content and engagement metrics.

The flip side of Quuu Promote is Quuu.

What is Quuu?

Quuu is a platform used to discover content and easily share it with connected social platforms. Users are prompted to select interest categories based on what they’d like to share on their social media channels. 

Quu Interest Categories

According to the user’s settings and interest categories, relevant content is then queued up to be shared automatically or manually with connected social platforms. The Quuu team manually approves every content piece submitted via Quuu Promote.

content piece submitted via Quuu Promote

What is Content Distribution?

Content distribution is a strategy for ensuring that marketing content reaches the intended target audience at scale. It involves using various marketing tactics across a variety of mediums that include email marketing, social media, SEO, and paid advertising.

Quuu and Quuu Promote are social media content distribution platforms: Quuu Promote handling submission and approval of content and Quuu handling sharing and tracking content.

Quuu Promote Pricing

I’ve been a fan of Quuu Promote since purchasing credits from an AppSumo deal a few years back. Eventually, they earned me as a monthly subscriber after offering an unbeatable lifetime discount — I pay $37.50/month for 30 promotion credits.

Learn more about AppSumo lifetime deals >>

Currently, you have two major choices for Quuu Promote plans: 

1. You can manually share content, starting at $50/month.

2. You can automatically share content from your RSS feeds and Quuu Promote will create different social copy variations, starting at $75/month. 

Regardless of the plan you pick, promotions can be resubmitted after their initial run time without the use of another credit.

How Does Quuu Promote Work?

The process for submitting promotions to this content distribution platform is very straightforward. There isn’t a lot to learn to be successful. 

First, input the URL of your content. 

Enter Blog URL in Quuupromote

You’ll also be prompted to select an interest category.

select interest category

Next, set the specific copy and social imagery that Quuu users will use to share your content. Quuu Promote generates a shortlink to track the results of each campaign.

Note that you can’t make changes to social copy or imagery associated with promotions in progress but you can make changes after a promotion runs its course. 

In the meantime, the good news is that you can set post variations to test different copy and imagery possibilities for the best chance of getting people to click through to your website.

Once a promotion is in progress, you can view stats regarding how it’s performing.

You can even see the specific users sharing each content piece and the social channel they’re sharing it on:

Some bad news:

I think it’s fair to say that there are some people who fill up their Quuu with tons of content on autopilot and that’s their entire social media strategy. 

I can’t suggest against this enough. 

Let me be clear: 

Curation is an important aspect of a content strategy (no one wants to hear from just you all the time), but it’s not everything. You can’t just set and forget social media — you need to be an active participant if you expect to find success with branding, demand generation, and building relationships with customers.

At any rate, there are going to be plenty of accounts sharing your content via Quuu that won’t add much to your impressions or website clicks. But there are plenty of other accounts that are using Quuu more effectively as part of a more complete social strategy. 

Quuu Promote’s Content Submission Standards

It’s worth taking some time to talk about Quuu Promote’s standards for submitting content. 

No, you can’t just submit anything you want and expect that it will be approved. Quuu Promote has guidelines for submitting content to be shared via Quuu. 

Since many on Quuu are automatically sharing social posts according to specific interest categories, Quuu has the obligation to vet content so that their users aren’t upset or surprised. The content distribution platform reserves the right to reject any content based on these standards.

Think about it this way:

The people sharing content on the Quuu side don’t want their profiles to be used as vehicles for low-quality, self-promotional BS. 

That’s not to say that you can’t submit content produced by your company that mentions your products or services. But you shouldn’t expect completely self-serving content to get approved.

Luckily, you don’t have to guess at what will work and what won’t. Quuu Promote shares a useful guide regarding their quality criteria

Here are some high level takeaways:

Quuu Promote Best Practices

Here are a few things I’ve learned for creating content that gets shared, seen, and clicked on this content distribution platform:

Quuu Promote Alternatives

There’s nothing quite like the combined content distribution platform that is Quuu and Quuu Promote.

When discussing this tool with a new user, I compare it to Facebook advertising. Using Quuu Promote is similar to boosting a post — paying a sum to help content reach your target audience. The main difference is that the content you share on Quuu Promote isn’t stamped with a big “SPONSORED” tag. It’s organic social media.

Besides targeted ads, there is a Quuu Promote alternative with similar functionality: Missinglettr Curate.

Missinglettr Curate is a content distribution platform that connects social content promoters with brands submitting content. Like Quuu Promote, the process starts by submitting a URL and you can only have one active post per URL. You’ll be prompted to share social copy and imagery.

Missinglettr Curate

But the comparisons don’t end there for Missinglettr Curate and Quuu Promote. Missinglettr Curate also works in tandem with another sister content platform — Missinglettr. 

Curate also works in tandem with another sister content platform — Missinglettr

Missinglettr works by taking your blog URL and turning it into a year-long social sharing campaign. It scrapes text from the blog to suggest social copy and generate on-brand quote bubble images. They really stand out in a newsfeed and take the guess work out of promoting evergreen content throughout the year.

Check out my Missinglettr review for more about the content distribution tool >>

Final Thoughts: Quuu Promote Review

Quuu Promote is my secret weapon for increasing impressions and website visits for my content and the content I create for clients.

With Quuu Promote, you’re still paying to promote your content as with Facebook Ads. But it’s up to the individual users whether they want to share it or not — whether giving their consent to automatically share certain topics or manually approving them. 

What questions do you have about using Quuu Promote? Share your thoughts in the comments below and I’d love to share my insights!


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